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 The Rip Chords are known for their 1964 million-seller smash hit "Hey Little Cobra" written by Carol Connors,and their chart hits "Three Window Coupe," "Here I Stand," "Gone," "409" and "Red Hot Roadster" from the Beach Movie "A Swingin' Summer." Produced by the team of Terry Melcher and Bruce Johnston,who also performed on the recordings. As a matter of fact, it was Bruce and Terry's voices that propelled "Hey Little Cobra" to the top of the charts! The 60's Rip Chords started out with Phil Stewart and Ernie Bringas,who originally called themselves,"The Opposites", soon to be changed to "The Rip Chords". Their first hit as The Rip Chords, "Here I Stand" was a chart success and laid the ground work for more hits to come. Richie Rotkin and Arnie Marcus were brought into the band from the Group "The Upper Classmen" who had a minor hit in the late 50's/early 60's with "Cha Cha With The Zombies". Ernie was preparing to go to Seminary School, and took a leave of absence from the The Rip Chords. Although Phil, Ernie, Richie and Arnie were photographed together,and spent some time together in the studio,all personal appearances were done by Phil, Rich and Arnie, who performed their hits thousands of times in front of millions of fans across the country on Dick Clark's Caravan Of Stars Tours in 1963 and 1964. Ernie did return to the band to record,but did not take to the road, as a condition of his seminary studies. The original band disbanded in 1965.

Today, The Rip Chords include Original Touring/Recording Members, Richie Rotkin & Arnie Marcus, along with Mitch Schecter, Amy Lynne, Tony Tuttle, Mike Kelly,and Randy Dance. The band travels the U.S.A., pleasing audiences wherever they perform, sharing stages with Beach Boy Al Jardine, Peter Noone, Ron Dante, The Cowsills, The Tokens, Dennis Tufano, Mark Lindsay,1910 Fruitgum Co.,Charlie Thomas' Drifters, Shirley Alston Reeves, The Dovells, Lou Christie,The Orlons among many others. The Rip Chords currently have 2 CD's out on the COLLECTABLES RECORDS label called, "SHUT 'EM DOWN...AGAIN",(2005) and "THE RIP CHORDS...NOW!",(2008). The CD,  "COBRA BEACH" was released Summer of 2009 on the Home Room Records/RFM Music label....and the song "HOT ROD HOLIDAY" has been included on the 2009 CD's called "CHRISTMAS IN AMERICA" on Collectables Records, and "A ROCKIN' CHRISTMAS"" on Spectra Records. A New CD Called "THE BEST OF THE RIP CHORDS...TODAY!!" was released by SPECTRA RECORDS on their "Spectra Heritage" label in 2010 .(

The classic Columbia Rip Chords albums are available through Sundazed and Collectables Records as well. 

ORIGINAL RIP CHORD ERNIE BRINGAS SAYS: "By reviving the RIP CHORDS in the 1990s, Rich and Arnie have helped to put the group back on the “oldies but goodies” map. They tour extensively and, therefore, help to promote and continue the RIP CHORDS legacy. I wish them well in their musical endeavors—be it touring or recording new product—and consider them to be a part of the phenomenon that came to be known as the RIP CHORDS."

IMDB Mini Biography-                     courtesy of the IMDB Website                                         The Rip Chords are a 60's surf/hot rod rock group from California. The original band members were Ernie Bringas, Phil Stewart, Rich Rotkin, Arnie Marcus, Terry Melcher, and Bruce Johnston. Founding members Bringas and Stewart first met each other in 1957 and started out as a vocal duo called the Opposites. They eventually landed a contract with Columbia Records in 1962, added additional members to the line-up, and subsequently changed their name to the Rip Chords. The band's debut single "Here I Stand" went to #51 on the Billboard pop charts in 1963. The Rip Chords scored their biggest and best known hit with the rousing hot rod song "Hey Little Cobra," which peaked at #4 on the Billboard pop charts in 1964 and sold a million copies. The equally stirring follow-up number "Three Window Coupe" cracked the Top 30 in the summer of 1964. The single "One Piece Topless Bathing Suit" was the group's last chart success. The Rip Chords appear as themselves and perform the song "Red Hot Roadster" in the enjoyably inane "Beach Party"-style musical teen comedy romp "A Swingin' Summer." Moreover, the band was featured on two of Dick Clark's Caravan of Stars tours. The group split up in late 1965. Arnie Marcus and Rich Rotkin formed a new version of the Rip Chords in the mid 90's; this current incarnation of the band has not only recorded and released several albums, but also tour and perform in concert on a regular basis all over the United States.   Look for The Rip Chords in your town soon!  For Booking Info email: